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Tracy Lee | Sexual Visionary Guide

Your Personal Sexual Visionary Guide for Health, Intimacy, and Pleasure

Teaching you skills to live fully - enjoying life and

supporting your loved ones

Tracy Lee | Sexual Visionary Guide

What is a Sexual Visionary Guide?

Think of me like a GPS.

  • You tell me where you are now in your relationships, intimacy, body acceptance, sexual exploration.

  • We determine where you want to be.

  •  I will guide you there.

Meet Tracy

Sexual Visionary Guide

Welcome. I’m Tracy, a mature, playful and curious woman offering a unique blend of talk, touch and sensual experiences for sexual healing and pleasure. 

As your sexual visionary guide my purpose is to bring you back to life.  

If you experience erectile disfunction, premature ejaculation, cancer or chronic pain we align with your desires and find creative ways for you to be passionate and heal. If you are a care provider always giving, we ensure your spiritual and emotional wellness so that your abundance is sustainable and flourishing.  

Based in Everett, WA, my sexual healing practice was established in 2016 where I offer Reiki, Tantra Touch and Education, Cuddling, Surrogate Partner Therapy, and Women’s, Men’s, and Couples Sexual Health. You can read all about my training and qualifications here.

Tracy Lee | Sexual Visionary Guide
Sexual Visionary Guide?
Tracy Lee Benefits

Areas We Can Work In

Women's Sexual Health

How do I find my sexy self?
Women play many roles, and our bodies go through many cycles. Mom, wife, employee… pregnancy, birth, menopause. Every shift reacts differently with our bodies, affecting our desire, arousal, and connections with others. Through all these changes it’s hard to feel sexy, be sexy, or even have energy for sex. 



Men's Sexual Health

Find your pleasure in sex

Young or old, often our sexuality isn't what we'd like. Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Performance Anxiety, and Prostate Cancer can be addressed.


Couple's Sessions

Work better, together

Sometimes it’s hard to share with your partner about your needs. Maybe what is pleasurable for you isn't fun for your partner. Let's explore each of your needs and desires and find the sweet spot of overlap that supports you both.


Relationship Skills, Anxiety

Become comfortable

Being anxious is often enough to thwart relationships from happening in the first place. Let's work together to help you feel comfortable engaging with others.


Touch Trauma

Finding pleasure around touch

It's challenging or even impossible to receive touch if you have a history of non-consensual events. Working with a trained touch provider, at your pace, while you are in control can bring effective results.


Surrogate Partner Therapy

Life-long skills for healthy relationships

Are you finding it difficult to get into, much less, maintain a healthy relationship? Having a Surrogate Partner to engage with and learn relationship skills could be what you need.


Reiki Energy Healing

Ancient healing for body, mind, and soul

Not all ailments come from physical breakdowns in the body.  They can be the product of circumstances, events, and emotions that get “stuck” in our bodies.  What affects the mind also affects the body. Let’s work on both.


Cuddle Sessions

Relax - Be held - Do nothing

Relax, relieve stress, let go of your day. Sink into my arms and rest your soul. Cuddle up with me and share your day. Enjoy intimate moments of eye gazing. It's all about taking time for you. More…

Tantra Massage

Sexual healing through touch

Experiencing the body we live in through spirit and our

soul. Fully feeling pleasure, emotions, and connection. More…


Wow! Tracy is an extremely talented lady; her energy and relaxation techniques are outstanding.
As she gets to know your body and needs, she takes you on quite a journey. This was my second visit, and I will definitely be returning.

— O.E.

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