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More About my Cuddling Service


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What forms of payment do you take?
    I accept cash, PayPal and CashApp.
  • Do I see you at your office, or do you come to me?
    I see clients only in my office in Everett. I have created this as a safe and comfortable place for you to explore.
  • Do you offer Zoom sessions?
    No, not as a standard offering. A large part of our work together involves touch. Once we have worked together, though, there are times when a zoom session could be an option to springboard off of a touch session to keep your progress flowing.
  • What if I get aroused when cuddling?
    Arousal happens as a physical response to touch or to situations that mimic behaviors from a past sexual experience. It is very common for arousal to happen in a cuddle session as our bodies can interpret cuddling as fore-play to sex. In a Cuddle Session touch is platonic. If arousal happens, we acknowledge it and redirect by changing positions, taking a break, or talking about baseball scores.
  • What if I get emotional?
    Evoking emotion is what we are hoping for. This is a gentle space for you to be held, heard, and seen in your vulnerability so you can learn about and heal what brought you to work with me in the first place. I have plenty of Kleenex in my space. All emotions are welcome here as long as you are not physically harming yourself or me, or damaging my office in any way.
  • Is the new client meet and greet required?
    Yes. For sessions of this intimate nature, I find that when we have a chance to meet and get to know each other a bit casually, building trust for session success moves along faster and goes deeper than a clinical-type intake. While we walk and build rapport, our bodies are able to relax around each other, which will deepen the flow and enjoyment of the session.
  • Hygiene
    Session work involves closeness, intimacy, and body-to-body engagement. I will ask you to wash your hands thoroughly and to rinse with mouthwash when you arrive. If you are coming from work, you may shower at the start of our time together. Please do not wear heavy amounts of cologne or perfume. Smoking just before a session will make it hard for me to get close to you. I am very sensitive to the smell. Please consider a nicotine patch as an alternative to smoking before your session.
  • How can I be best prepared when we start working together?
    I love getting the “i’s” dotted and the “t’s” crossed before we begin so that we are fully present with each other when your session begins. Please fill out your Intake Form and read and sign the Informed Consent and Cancellation Policy. When booking your session use Google’s traffic management information to determine how long your drive to me will be. Traffic tie-ups could turn a 30-minute trip into three times that or more.
  • Confidentiality and HIPPA
    I am not a medical provider and so do not fall under the rules for HIPPA, but I do take your confidentiality seriously. Intake forms and information you share with me are kept confidential and secure. I may ask for outside support from a mentor or supervisor on your case but will not disclose any personal information.
  • Accessibility
    There is one flight of stairs to my office. I have adjustable lighting. I often play meditation-type music in the background and can adjust this to your needs. I use scent-free soaps and run an air purifier in my space. If you'd like access to a shower during your visit, I have a shower-tub combo that requires a “step over” to get into. It has three handgrip supports. I am happy to help accommodate any other accessibility needs you might have.
  • Is there parking available? Are you near a bus line?
    Yes, free parking is available at my office. There is a bus stop 0.3 miles away if you are using community transit.

Have any other questions? You can also contact me here.

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