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Couple's Sessions

Sessions are custom built from your level of skill and experience.

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Sessions are custom built from your level of skill and experience. Do you feel like your sex life falls under:


Basic – You both feel uneducated in the bedroom. You fumble around, trying this and that hoping your partner will like it. Let’s get you tools around communication, reading your partner’s body language, finding and exploring types of touch you enjoy giving and receiving.   


Intermediate -You feel that sex is the same-old stuff - in, out, repeat. It’s routine and you’re getting bored. Are you and your partner mismatched in touch and intimacy needs? One of you is ready to go all the time, and the other partner is only interested in sex once or twice a week (or less). Let’s elevate your skills by adding a variety of techniques to your repertoire, making that boring sex into something you are looking forward to. We’re going to learn better touch skills, better communication, how to use your partner’s body language to enhance the sexual experience. What do those sighs, moans and groans mean? Leave them wanting more.


Advanced – Sex is great--but you want it SPICY!!!! You love your time together and want to deepen intimate connection. You are interested in learning Yoni and Lingam massage, how to have an extended orgasm, sharing breath and orgasm between you, energy orgasms and more Tantra practices. Maybe you are ready to introduce fantasies but could use some guidance. This work strengthens communication, boundaries, trust and the emotional bond between you. 

Couple’s sessions can support:

  • Communication

  • Learning better touch skills 

  • Learning more about each other

  • Exploring sexual beliefs that limit pleasure

  • Help navigating physical pain

  • Introducing fantasies

  • Energy orgasms

  • Mutual orgasm 

  • Multiple or extended orgasm

  • Yoni massage

  • Lingam massage


I very much enjoy working with couples to see the Ah Ha! moments when the relationship clicks, communication is clear, and pleasure emerges. My tantra background offers many ways to connect deeply through touch, rituals, and breath. I am your guide and teacher. While I may get up close and personal with you for hands-on type learning, my role is not that of additional play partner.  


Rates for Couples Sessions:

Initial Discovery Session $180/90min.  Includes a meet and greet and initial session to assess your level of skill and experience and set goals.   

Further sessions are booked in packages of three 90-minute sessions and are paid in full at session one. 


Basic $800

Intermediate $1100

Advanced $1350

Read more about Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels here

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