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Men's Sexual Health

Is your performance where you want it?

Do you feel like a confident lover?

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Women's Sexual Health

Couple's Sessions

Do you know your way around a women’s body? Can you tell if she is truly enjoying your touch? Do you have premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction? Do you have chronic pain? You want to have sex, but your body isn’t responding the way you want or expect it to. We can work on this together.

Men’s Sexual Health sessions can support 

  • Premature ejaculation 

  • Erectile dysfunction 

  • Lack of libido 

  • Illness, aging and performance issues 

  • Prostate problems, cancer 

  • Learning female anatomy 

  • Yoni massage 

  • Reading your partner’s body language 

  • Enhancing skills around touch 

  • Communication 

My goal is to get you to be a fully functioning sexual body, where your sexual experiences are fulfilling for both you and your partner. 

Let’s find the best you…NOW, and into the future.

Rates for Sessions: 
Initial Discovery Session $125/90min.  Includes a meet and greet and initial session to assess your level of skill and experience and set goals.   
Further sessions are booked in packages of three 90-minute sessions and are paid in full at session one.  

Basic $540 
Intermediate $750 
Advanced $900 

Read about Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels here

Other things you might want to know:


There is this weird societal conditioning that men are supposed to know their way around a woman’s body, that you should know instinctively just the right touch, the right technique, to make your woman swoon and moan with pleasure. This leaves you spending time in your intimate moments in your head wondering, “Am I doing this right?” “Does she like this?” In reality, no one got a user manual on how to please anyone, including ourselves. It takes time, patience, and self-discovery to really know our own bodies. No wonder sexual dysfunction rears its ugly head. This is just one way that can activate Performance Anxiety

Premature ejaculation (PE) and erectile dysfunction (ED) can hit at any age. While we think of PE and ED as a physical “ailment”, it is also linked to emotions, mood, and stress in our lives. When we step back and investigate all these areas, we can work through these “ailments”. I put quotes around ailment as it is really our body performing in a way that is natural, but that we’d like to change.  

Pain or Lack of Libido - Everyday life can cause minor discomforts – sitting too long, computer neck strain, etc. How about hips, shoulders and knees that are giving out and need replacement? Having pain makes it difficult to enjoy cuddling or being playful and intimate with others. Sadness, depression, and physical pain in your body can interrupt desire, making pleasure hard to achieve. 


Illness, Aging, and Performance - You may have a diagnosed illness that affects your body both physically and mentally, leaving you with a low libido and less intimacy than you desire. Young or old, we all have complications with our bodies. Thoughts of “I don’t like this…" or “I struggle with that….” emerge. 

Let’s add the “I have prostate cancer” component and really shake things up. Now the question is how to have sex, good sex, with these issues. Can I have sex with prostate cancer? Usually yes.  Talk to your doctor about working with me for prostate massage or scar tissue release if surgery is involved. How nice would it be to have someone to talk to and work through the “how does it work now?” questions that arise (pun intended) if you can no longer get fully hard and don’t ejaculate. Orgasms are still possible, but just not in the way you might be used to. I have seen clients at all phases of prostate cancer and can support the potentially overwhelming changes going on in your body. 

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