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More About my Cuddling Services

Touch Trauma 

It's challenging or even impossible to receive touch with a history of non-consensual events. 

Touch Trauma  

Have you had an unwanted touch event that currently stops you from engaging with others?  Is the event still affecting your life and you want to heal? What are you missing out on that your dearly desire?


Imagine what it would be like to enjoy a hug, hold hands at a coffee date, find the partner of your dreams. I’m here to help you reach those goals.


We go at your pace in these sessions. There is no agenda. We will have consent conversations that help you find, define, and explore the types of touch you enjoy and desire.  Anything we explore or discuss is completely confidential.  I am here to hold space for you and support you to release the trauma in your body so that you can heal yourself, enabling you to find more joy and pleasure in your life.


If this trauma is limiting you from being in relationship, you might be a good candidate for "Surrogate Partner Therapy".

Comments from Clients:

~Tracy was super easy to talk with, open up to, and feel accepted by.

~Tracy is so comforting to be around. 

~Tracy is equal parts tantric teacher and personal healer. She created a setting of honest and frank communication from the start and sustained it throughout our time together. I came away with a unique sense of acceptance.


Rates for Sessions: 

Initial Discovery Session $125/90min.  Includes a meet and greet and initial session to assess and set goals.     


Further sessions are booked in packages and are paid in full at session one.  

$540 for three 90-minute sessions

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