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More About my Cuddling Services

Relationship Skills, Anxiety 

Being anxious is often enough to thwart relationships from happening in the first place.  Let's work together to help you feel comfortable engaging with others

Relationships might never get going as we tell ourselves too many “untruths” about ourselves.  I’m shy, I don’t know how to talk to others.  I’m too old, overweight, unattractive for someone to notice me.  I’m too inexperienced. Sexually, I lock up, get tongue tied, or come too fast.  I am sure I will disappoint my partner.   


Do you resonate with any of the following?  

Unhappy with your body 

Too damn shy to talk to others 

Don’t know how to read body language 

Dating moves too fast to sex 

Lack of skills and confidence 

Sexual/physical difficulties  


We work together to build your comfort first with yourself, then around other humans being. Then we expand your confidence through practicing exercises on communication, touch, and consent.   


You will come away feeling confident to pursue who or what you want with the knowledge and skills to learn “THIS” persons love language and user manual.  

Relationship Skills and Anxiety Services

Rates for Sessions:

Initial Discovery Session $125/90min.  Includes a meet and greet and initial session to assess your level of skill and experience and set goals.   
Further sessions are booked in packages of three 90-minute sessions and are paid in full at session one.  

Basic $540 
Intermediate $750 
Advanced $900 

Read about Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels here


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