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More About my Cuddling Service

Rates, Availability, Levels

How to book, what you need to know and of course my rates



Individuals $125/90minutes

Couples $180/90minutes


Package of three 90-minute sessions

Basic $540

Intermediate $750

Advanced $900

Read about Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels here


Package of three 90-minute sessions

Basic $800 

Intermediate $1100

Advanced $1350

Read about Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels here


New Clients:  $180/90 min  

Return Clients: 



$250/2 hours


New Clients:  $180/90 min  

Return Clients: 



$250/2 hours




$500/2 hours - Special invitation only 


$4200. Package of nine 90-minute sessions over 90 days.

Logistics and Availability



Your session starts with a public meet and greet. This takes place on a beautiful walking path with a view of the Cascade Mountains just minutes from my office.  Here we say “Hi” and get to know each other a bit to get over the awkwardness of strangers meeting for the first time.


I find working in the realm of intimacy, this walk helps us build a rapport, allowing our bodies to relax around each other, which will deepen the flow and enjoyment of the session.


This introduction starts at your scheduled appointment time.  You will find the meet and greet address in your booking confirmation. 


Sexual Visionary Guide Services (Women, Men, and Couple’s Sexual Health, Relationship Skills, Anxiety Support, Touch Trauma) and Surrogate Partner Therapy start with a Discovery Session.  We will talk about what brought you to me, assess where you are now in your relationships and sexual fulfillment, and discuss where you want to be but don't quite know how to get there.   


We will decide the best level(s) to meet your goals and set expectations for length of treatment.  


Below is the breakdown of the levels and some examples of possibilities to explore.  Your session experiences will be crafted specifically for you from your own goals, not a checklist. 


For ReikiCuddle Sessions, and Tantra Massage offerings step one of your first session will include a public meet and greet, then we shift to my office for your session. 

For Reiki, please fill out your online intake form before your session.  Drink plenty of water the day of your appointment.  Wear loose comfortable clothing.



I am in Everett, WA just off the Boeing Freeway with easy parking. I have a private office that is cozy, comfortable, and inviting. Shower available.



Monday 10am- 6pm

Tuesday 2:30pm-9:00pm

Wednesday 10am-6pm

I do not offer same-day appointments, appointments must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.  




Please give me 24 to 48 hours’ notice for cancellations or to reschedule. Cancellations made 2 to 24 hours in advance require a 50% lost session rate payment made via PayPal, CashApp or an Amazon gift card. Appointments cancelled or ‘no show’ (0 to 2 hours’ notice) require 100% of the session rate. I have reserved this time specially to meet your needs. If you cancel at the last minute, I am unable to offer that precious time to another.



While I do work closely and intimately with clients, I am primarily a healer and educator. I do not offer full service or girlfriend-type entertainment experiences.

Levels for Sexual Visionary Guide Sessions


First we spend time discovering you.   How do you relate to your own body? How do you relate to others? What's getting in the way of that relating?


We can look at:

  • What beliefs limit you?

  • What were you taught around sex?

  • Is sex shameful, especially outside of marriage?

  • Is it supposed to be just for procreation?

  • Previous success and failures around relationships.

We may do energy healing sessions on you.  Feeling better in your body allows better interaction with others. We may play games that involve communication around platonic touch and boundaries.


Can you ask for what you want?  Let's find your voice around your own pleasure.  Define your needs and desires.  Learn to stop always pleasing others.


Experience the basic somatic practices around breath from the Tantra traditions to help you feel more in your body and awaken pleasure.



Now that we have figured out and learned new ways to relate to what was getting in the way, let's turn to more physical encounters and your body.  Level two is where we put those new communication and relating skills into discovering your "user manual" around desires, wants, and needs that work for you and your body.


We can:

  • Look at how you feel about your body. Is there shame or embarrassment? Can you find your sexy?

  • Explore body mapping to find what type of touch you like.

  • Do pelvic floor massage for healing if tightness, pain, or a previous injury has occurred. 

  • Do coaching in masturbation and discovery of your own pleasures.

  • Enhance the basic tantra skills of breath working towards full body orgasms and sexual energy flow.  


These sessions are practices and explorations done one-way from me to you. Here you are guided to learn about your body.



Now that you understand how your mind operates and you have written your user manual and understand your physical needs and desires, let's use that knowledge to practice engaging with another human being.  Here is where we connect together.  


We use two-way touch for pleasure. 


We bring the tantra practices into the forefront to exchange energy, breath, and orgasmic energy:  

  • Yoni massage

  • Lingam massage

  • Genital mapping and anatomy.  


While we are definitely enjoying ourselves, we are working in a consensual environment of education.  I do not offer "full-service" or "girl-friend-type-experiences".  After working together with me, you will have the skills you need to navigate those types of encounters.

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