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Surrogate Partner Therapy Services

Explore relationships and intimacy in a "safe as possible"

environment with a skilled Surrogate Partner

Surrogate Partner Training Badge

What is surrogate partner therapy?

Surrogate Partner Therapy (SPT) is learning the skills of relationship that we were never properly taught. How do you relate to your own body? How do you relate to others? We bring kindness, compassion, communication, and intimacy skills to the forefront. We work strongly on consent, boundaries, and bodily autonomy.


Surrogate Partner Therapy is designed for people who are not in a partnered relationship and it works in conjunction with talk therapy. We become your healing team. Sessions with your therapist start before surrogate work with me and continue regularly during and after our time together. 


If you are in a committed relationship, and think this work is for you, let’s talk.

Surrogate Partner Therapy Services

Who is a good fit? Those who:

  • Are ready to heal and willing to do the work. 

  • Are curious about their bodies and what is pleasurable and "right" for them, not the stories we were told. 

  • Have trouble aligning, maintaining, or navigating relationships with comfort and ease.

SPT has been highly beneficial for people who resonate with the following:


  • Pain that interrupts/negates intimacy from happening

  • History of unwanted touch or physical trauma

  • Lack of boundaries

  • Sexually naïve or minimal intimate experience

  • Erectile difficulty (Performance Anxiety, Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction)

  • Body shame

  • People pleaser, never having your own needs met

  • Not deserving of happiness and joyful relationships

  • Lacking social skills or social anxiety (shy, awkward, geeky)

  • Disabilities

  • Confusion around gender or sexual orientation

If you want to read more about my surrogacy service, I have an entire website dedicated to this offering here.


Surrogate Partner Therapy is an investment in yourself and your future healthy relationships. It takes time and commitment.  Each three-month series is $4200. This includes nine ninety-minute sessions, my communication in between sessions with your therapist, and a weekly email check in.

Payment is collected in two installments: one-half paid at session number one, and one half paid at session number four.  


The number of series depends on your progress with the goals you set with your therapist.

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