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More About my Cuddling Services

Meet Tracy

Your Sexual Visionary Guide

Welcome, I’m Tracy, a mature, playful and curious woman offering a unique blend of talk, touch and sensual experiences for sexual healing and pleasure.  


As your sexual visionary guide my purpose is to bring you back to life. When you take care of yourself and are nourished, you can be fully present in all relationships. 


If you experience erectile disfunction, premature ejaculation, cancer or chronic pain we align with your desires and find creative ways for you to be passionate and heal.  


If you are a care provider always giving, we ensure your spiritual and emotional wellness so that your abundance is sustainable and flourishing.  

Tracy Lee | Sexual Visionary Guide

Offering in-person sessions in Everett, WA, my healing practice was established in 2016. 

When you need time for yourself to relax and regroup and get away from "life", I offer Reiki, Cuddling, and Tantra Massage. Come as often as you’d like. 


Begin your healing journey by working with me for multiple sessions uncovering and understanding: Women’s, Men’s, and Couple's Sexual Health, Tantra Education, Touch Trauma Support, Relationship Skills and Anxiety with or without Social Awkwardness. 


For the truly committed who have struggled in relationships and are seeing a therapist with some, but not full results, Surrogate Partner Therapy is for you. Find more about Surrogate Partner Therapy here.


Classes and Certifications: 

Sacred Sexuality through a Tantric Lens 

School of Consent with Betty Martin

Like a Pro with Betty Martin 


Love and Ecstasy Training through

Cycle 1: The Body Ecstatic and Sexual Healing

Cycle 2: Celebrating Love and Orgasm

Cycle 3: The Joy of the Spirit: Meditation - Ecstasy


Collaborating w/ Surrogate Partners in the Triadic Model 

How to Help Generalize Surrogate Partner Therapy

Fundamentals of Embodied Intimacy 

Surrogate Partner Professional Training (in apprenticeship) 


Holistic Pelvic Care™ 

Certified Trained Cuddlist 

Hakomi Mindfulness Therapy

Reiki Master 

Advanced Kundalini Reiki Master

Gold Reiki Master

Usui Reiki master

Chakra Balancing

Self-Discovery School of Intuitive Healing with Becky Moore 

End of Life Washington Death with Dignity advocate training and volunteering  

Reiki Master Badges
Surrogate Partner Training Badge
Cuddlist Seal

What clients are saying: 


"Tracy Lee brings some unique qualifications to this business. Tracy's abundant energy and sexual enthusiasm is always made very personal, very real, and not just classroom stuff. "


"Comprehensive Lesson in Touch, Vocalizing, and Asking for pleasure."


"Just WOW!!  Tracy is an extremely talented lady; her energy and relaxation techniques are outstanding. As she gets to know your body and needs, she takes you on quite a journey. This was my second visit, and I look forward to returning. As I said, just WOW. "

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